Friday, May 20, 2005

OK, this is way cool.

A few weeks ago I upgraded my Mac OS to "Tiger." One of the new "whistles" is their Dashboard, which is basically Konfabulator. I have been playing with Dashboard for a while. I has a neat translator program, all I need to do is type something in English and it will translate it into one of about a dozen languages (no, not Latin, only modern languages, nuts!). I recently added a widget (the little programs that run on the Dashboard) called "ShowTime" which gives me what is playing at the local theaters. There is the local weather widget, dictionary, YellowPages, calculator, world clock, Package Tracker.

This evening I found one called "Dash Blog" which allows me to post an entry to CRM. I can't do the text things, like bold or italics, without typing html code myself, but that has been my life as a Mac User, since Blogger really does not support Safari. Oh well. Now maybe I will dash off quick blogs more regularly.

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