Monday, May 16, 2005

Something to Try

Normally, I read movie reviews to help cement my opinion of a movie. The trailer generally tells me enough to make an initial decision -- occasionally supplemented by more information from a good review. The faithful padawan already knows my question, "And who is a good reviewer?"

Over the years, I have come to trust Roger Ebert's reviews. They are brutally honest but at the same time, never insist a movie be more than the movie claimed it was going to be. But for the novices among us, how can they find their own Jedi Master? Well, try this.

Get a copy of Entertainment Weekly or some mag like it and flip to the movie review section. Then write down the movies in ascending order of review, starting from low and going to best. Then watch said movies in that order. The number of films that you would move around tells you how much in sync you are with the reviewer's sensibilities.

P.S. Don't do this all in one day though. Your head might explode.

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