Thursday, June 23, 2005

Belated Congratulations!

Fr. Robert Johansen was a friend of mine while in school at Saint Charles Seminary. For reasons that are'nt really relevant here, we parted company about halfway through our time here. I was ordained, either one or two years, before him, and from time to time we catch up with each other.

Well, God has seen it fit to move him from being First Officer to the Captain of his own vessel. That's right, folks, our pro-life crusader has been made a pastor in Dorr, Michigan at St. Stanislaus. This is something of a convergence between us as I was made pastor of my parish on the memorial of a martyr (St. Charles Lwanga and companions) and he is going to a parish dedicated to a martyr.

So, to my buddy, best wishes as you prepare to be a shepherd. Always be a good and faithful one for nothing else befits the vocation we have been given. And email me your new address when you get the chance.

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