Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Hunger Strike: Report #2
I know many of you are concerned about my hunger strike and its ramifications. If you are unaware of the situation surrounding this strike, you need to scroll down and read report #1 with its links. Some new developments are both promising and disturbing at the same time. After days of no posting over at Johnlet, there have been several new posts in the last two days. This could be interpreted to mean that after a hiatus of sorts, new activity at Johnlet is a sign that the staff of that blog are back to surfing the web and will surely find my demands soon, if not already. However, in the past few days of posts, the staff at Johnlet have also not made mention of my demands nor my hunger strike. This does not bode well.

Little John Francis is seen on his blog learning about instrumentation, by his use of a comb. We congratulate little John on this and on his eleven month birthday. However, why couldn't little John learn the same lesson of instrumentation with a banana, while wearing a full monkey suit. Hey, and what eleven month-old kid doesn't want a fully monkey suit?!

As regards the specifics of my strike, I can feel that my clothing is a bit looser now. My PB&J sandwich for lunch today probably won't provide the nourishment I need as a busy priest. However, there are some issues which require us to take a stand.

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