Wednesday, June 08, 2005

John Francis prepares to be a good carnivore
I can't resist these pictures. John Francis demonstrates here that he has an innate awareness that he already occupies a higher level on the food chain and that he is meant to ascend still higher. Folks, guard your bunnies! This kid is going to town. Now, if only he had a nice red wine reduction sauce to go with this feast! I guess that refinement will have to come later. Actually, looking at the photo again, maybe he is feasting on a polar bear. How un-PC of him. Who knows what it is, but he certainly seems to have the carnivore thing down. Hey, John Francis, if we ever meet, I'll complete your carnivore lessons with a class on cigars. Of course, I do hope JF knows where to stop with the meat hunt because this picture could raise some serious questions. And finally, the little ragechimp demonstrates his propensity toward red meat in this photo. I feel for you kiddo! He gets extra, extra points for making use of his ragemonkey baby bib, which can be purchased at Cafe Press (link on our side bar, under "Monkey Like Fundraising").

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