Saturday, June 11, 2005

John Francis Week: Wrap up
Well, dear readers, it has been a fast "John Francis Week" here at Catholic Ragemonkey. We have enjoyed hunting through the archives over at John Francis' blog to provide you with some cute photos and some humor. And I think JF's parents will think it humorous to know that earlier today, at a gathering of some Catholic people in Oklahoma City, I actually had someone approach me with a picture of another cute baby. It seems that competition has begun and more and more parents want CRM to be a host site for their cute baby photos.

From the first sight of JF in his ragemonkey baby bib, he has captured our attention at CRM and we have enjoyed sharing this little back and forth, good-natured fun with the folks over at Johnlet. You can link to Johnlet on our blogroll and keep up with JF as he approaches his first birthday in the coming weeks. May God bless John Francis, his parents, and his family with grace and peace. May they walks always as children of the light!

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