Friday, June 10, 2005

Quis est Ioannes Franciscus?
"Who is this John Francis?", the question has been asked. Allow me to answer. No, he is not a family member of mine, nor of Fr. Tharp. We here at CRM came to learn of John Francis on about August 20, 2004 (almost two months after his birth), when we learned that his wise parents had purchased Ragemonkey gear from our Cafe Press link. At the blog featuring John Francis (the first blog is now defunct and has moved to the current link), a photo was posted of John Francis and his father both in ragemonkey gear, John Francis in his ragemonkey bib and his dad in a ragemonkey t-shirt. Fr. Tharp and I couldn't believe it when we saw the photo. So, we immediately put the John Francis blog in our blogroll. We would each check over at the John Francis blog from time to time to see the myriad of cute photos.

Well, recently, thanks to a post on the Johnlet blog, we noticed that the John Francis family had taken a trip to Houston from Colorado. In their post of the trip, the family posted a sign seen as one enters the State of Oklahoma. Since they had clearly entered Oklahoma, but had not visited Fr. Tharp or me, Fr. Tharp posted that he was hurt by the snub. That prompted me to make a similar post and then to raise the bar by declaring a fake hunger strike until the Johnlet blog made up for the snub by dedicating a photo essay of John Francis to CRM. I also demanded a photo of little JF in a full monkey suit. Well, JF's parents delivered on the strike with more photos than we ever could have imagined -- it was a whole photo essay! So, we decided to reward the Johnlet blog by dedicating a week to John Francis. Readers should also recognize that we will reward their blogs if they go out of their way to send visitors to CRM. Remember, it is all about world conquest here at CRM! So, that's the story. We don't really know John Francis, but we do know him in an online sense through his own blog and its multiple feature of the little guy who turns one year old on July 1.

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