Monday, June 06, 2005

Wonderful / They Call Me "Wonderful / Well, Wonderful, if you insist!

I have to keep up on the links more assidously than recently. Technorati gave me 11+ pages of links. I scanned 5 of them; that was 2 hours ago. So this is it for today. Check out the new members of the CRMH.

Veritatis Visio
The Hound of Heaven
Rob in Madtown
The History Buff's Traditional Catholic Blog
Secundum Iohannem
What is Truth?
The Vessel with the Pestle
Colleen's Catholic Corner
FinestKind Clinic and Fish Market
Happy with Ratzinger! (No, Really!)
Knit and Pray
Roman Catholic Blog
Nocturnal Sloth
The Dawn Patrol
Catholic Girl Talk
Idle Mendacity
Crowhill on Varia
The American Inquisition
Anne Elliot
Once Upon a Midnight Dreary
JP Brown's Official Website
Mere Complexities
The Dawg's Spiritual House
Proud to be a Papist
Imprimatur Blog
Pancho's Juke Joint
Musings of an Expagan
FRM Disciple Blogzone
Veritas Nunquam Perit
The School of Mary
Luminious Miseries (read that twice to get the joke)
where there's smoke

Now, I am going to take an advil, a nap, and marinade some pork chops, not necessarily in that order.

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