Tuesday, July 19, 2005

He doesn't "play well" with others
At various times other blogs come up with games or something like 20 questions to complete and the blogger will "tag" another blogger, requesting that another blogger complete the same game/list. I have been tagged a few times before, but have often failed to respond. The problem is if I don't respond to the tag when I first see it, I will usually forget about it and when I return to the blog whence came the "tag," the original post has moved down and is off the visible screen and .... well, you get the story. I see that recently Kat over at Finding God in All Things has tagged me with two of these games. I figured before I get a bad reputation for not being "fun" or cooperative or, worse still, being accused of a kindergarten infraction ("Little Stephen doesn't play well with others"), I had better respond to the tag. I have two tags from Kat needing response. Here goes:

List #1:
Number of movies I own: Zero
Last movie purchased: The Passion of the Christ (a gift to a friend)
Five movies that mean a lot to me*: (in no particular order)
1. The Passion of the Christ
2. Star Wars (any of them: regardless of the movie's "value," it brings back childhood nostalgia)
3. My Big Fat Greek Wedding (Sooooo funny)
4. The Shoes of the Fisherman

* "mean a lot to me" is a fairly fluid term and, of course, highly subjective. I don't really get too attached to movies. In fact, I often can't even remember movies I have seen. The above list is simply five movies I enjoyed and would be happy to watch again. That's what "mean" means to me!

List #2
What's in your wallet right now?
1. $29
2. 3 credit cards
3. 1 debit card
4. 3 business cards: one is my own, one is my barber's, one is my stepdad's.
5. Clergy pass for Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School: 2004-05 academic year. This gets me into games for free.
6. Courtesy card for Guymon Public Schools: 2004-05 year. Also for athletic events.
7. Celebret: This is a card that officially identifies me as a validly ordained priest of the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City.
8. Photo of my dog Max (since deceased) with Santa (taken at Pet's Mart).
9. Driver's License.
10. Health Insurance card.
11. Dental Insurance card.
12. American Airlines AAdvantage card (frequent flier program)
13. Voter Identification card.
14. Knights of Columbus membership card.
15. Delta Airlines Sky Miles card.
16. Blockbuster video membership card (sort of seems a bit ironic given some of my answers or inability to answer above at list #1.)

There you go. And, no, I am not going to tag anyone else because I just can't think of who to tag.

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