Tuesday, July 26, 2005

In tribute to 200,000 Hits

Initially, the temptation was to create an all-new song parody for the benefit of all our readers. The more I thought on it, and frankly, no good ideas came, I decided to take a new take. So, in lieu of a spin on Shaft, I offer you a short reflection on what 200,000 hits mean.

First, 200,000 hits means that we have earned a certain loyalty from the readership. Why we have earned this I am not sure. Granted, lots of times, it's a rant that greets a reader, or a news link, or a homily, or just a bit of madness that escaped from the medulla oblongata before I could stop it. Nonetheless, loyalty and people coming back for more says quite a bit.

Second, 200,000 hits means that we have achieved a certain amount of stability. Between the three of us, now back to two, three degrees of Catholic living have been presented. And even when things seemed lean to comment on, because Christ is everything, the comments and ideas rolled on. Therefore, you came back because you knew that we would be waiting.

Third, 200,000 hits means that we have said something that caught your attention. While Fr. Hamilton accuses yours truly of being a narcissist, it makes me wonder what you, the constant reader, found so interesting. It's like I mined the lint from my navel, after an extended exploration and afternoon of gazing, only to have you all turn it into a lovely sweater.

Fourth, 200,000 hits means lots of people look in but don't necessarily comment. I learned that dimension when I would receive comments from my brother priests or that the blog received a mention on both CNN and MSNBC. Hopefully, what we are dealing with is the new generation of guerilla evangelization. Folks see the title, expecting one type of content, only to find something quite unexpected.

So, there it is. 200,000 hits later, and I can't say that I am the wiser for the working. It is a hefty achievement that places us among some of the most read and most excellent. But that's to the readers creedit. As for myself, I'll just go back to scrying the future from my internet portal. If I see anything of note, you'll be the first to hear of it.

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