Tuesday, July 19, 2005

My Final Post

It was about a year ago when Fr. Tharp invited me to join this Blog as the "East Coast Correspondent." It has been difficult for me to keep up with the frequency of posting that Frs. Tharp and Hamilton do, not because they have less to do, but because (A) I am greener as a priest, so it takes me longer to figure out how to do things, and (B) as most of you know, I have been being treated for cancer since November. While the treatment is going well, I am still very tired all the time. With my parish duties I just will not be able to post much any more.

Apparently this news will be a cause of cheer for a good number of readers. Of late I have been receiving a lot of "flaming". I have been accused of "hating women," and promoting violence against them. For a final time: I do not advocate, support, or defend violence against anyone (except when absolutely needed for self-defense). I thought that the general "tone" of CRM was witty, leaning towards the sarcastic, commentary. And while I think most of our readers do take my posts in that way, some have not. Rather they focus on small details, often a figure of speech, and fail to see the real point of the post. Then those few relentlessly harass me; it is one thing to voice one's disagreement by leaving a comment on the blog where the post was, but then to send email, comments on my more "spiritual" blog (which are then completely out of context for the readers of that blog and only results in detraction against me), and contacting my diocese (again, without the complete context). It is difficult enough to be a priest and have cancer; this other stuff just isn't worth it.

For the many readers who I have been able to chuckle with, and who have been so supportive with their prayers during the worse of my illness, I will be eternally grateful. May God Bless you all.

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