Friday, August 19, 2005

And how will the ingrafting be completed?

I find the Pope's comments on this subject interesting mainly because it makes me think of St. Paul. St. Paul notes that somehow the Lord God will bring all Israel to salvation through the Church and the Pope seems to be saying something akin to this. By a mutual respect, a mutual knowledge, and a gentle nudge, mayhap, those who have been ingrafted to the Olive may bring the tree to full vigor.

I had to note with some disappointment the concluding paragraph: "Many of them [young Catholics] have been openly critical of the prohibitions he issued during the 20 years when he headed the Roman Catholic Church's disciplinary body." Who are the BBC referring to? Certainly not to any one in my circle or age group who have embraced the need for clarity in the Church's teaching. Once again, I think we have the man bites dog style of journalism. If you don't agree, think for a moment. If all these young Catholics disagree with Pope Benedict's actions as head of CDF, why is there not one citation in the article? If you answer, "the article isn't about that," that leads to the question "why bring it up and waste the space?"

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