Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Let's Just Nip That in the Bud

This morning, as I was wrapping up my interview on Relevant Radio (it went fine from what I could tell), my AOL IM alerted me that Fr. Hamilton was signing on. Now, my experience with IM tends to be a bit iffy and when you factor in Fr. H, it just gets worse. Fr. H has a history of sending me a thousand one-line messages just so that message alert sounds will play. Yes, faithful reader, when he describes himself as the rambunctous little brother, he isn't merely jesting. He is accurately describing reality.

The moment the sign-on alert played, I leapt into action. While not breaking my stride, speechwise, I reached out and TURNED OFF AOL IM. I am no one's fool. I don't claim to have absolute knowledge of how that stuff works so better safe than sorry. I just nipped Fr. H's potential juvenille hijinks in the bud.

Of couse, I am sad I didn't leave it on so that when Sean Herriot asked, "What is that sound?" I could respond, "Oh, that's just Fr. Hamilton hoping to get some air time." On second thought, my initial approach was more charitible. Blogging about it, less so.

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