Wednesday, August 03, 2005

New York Gov George Pataki Will Veto Morning After Pill Bill

Albany, NY ( -- Upsetting abortion advocates, New York Gov. George Pataki has decided to veto a morning after pill bill that would make the state the next to allow over the counter sales of the morning after pill, which can sometimes cause an abortion. Pataki says young women aren't protected enough under the bill, which was approved in the Democrat controlled State Assembly and the Republican controlled Senate. "This bill, which hasn't even been sent to the governor yet, is a flawed, politically expedient measure that fails to include any common-sense protections for minors and ignores the fact that the FDA will rule on this issue in just a few weeks," Pataki spokesman Kevin Quinn told the Associated Press. "Consistent with his record on women's reproductive issues, the governor plans to veto the legislation primarily because it provides no protection whatsoever for minors," Quinn added. "If this and other flaws in the bill are addressed, and a responsible version of the bill is advanced, the governor would support it." The measure would allow women, including teenagers to purchase the drug at a local pharmacy without first seeing a doctor and obtaining a prescription.

I offer this article in support of the notion that grace can change anyone. Even when we don't see immediate results that should never dampen our hope. Full story can be accessed at

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