Thursday, August 04, 2005

Opening Salvo of DVC Movie

Yes, faithful readers, once again, I called it. I knew the book The DaVinci Code, once it became 1.) a run-away hit and 2.) clear what the contents concerned that I would have a problem on my hands vis a vis my column for the diocesan newspaper. I do a modest little column on questions concerning the Catholic Faith and its practice. I expected a raft-load of questions concerning the DVC. You can imagine my surprise (and quite frankly, my concern) when NO ONE ASKED ANYTHING about it. But then I realized the flaw in my logic. While many people were reading it, the vast majority of Americans don't read; they go to the movies. So, I put any thought of addressing DVC's claims until nearer the movie's release.

Based upon the contacts being made with Amy Wellborn, Carl Olson, and Barbara Nicolosi (sp?), it sounds as though the movie is going to be used as a bully pulpit to attack the Church. This is just the first salvo. It suggests how much bolder anti-Catholic rhetoric is and is becoming. Could you imagine making a movie that propped up scurulous lies about Mohammed or Moses? But the Catholic Church is open game; perhaps, this alone makes me say, "The Church must be the true bride of Christ. No one bothers with attacking the other folks."

All I can hope for is a poorly made movie that will end up in the wastebin of Hollywood, but I am not putting any money on it.

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