Sunday, August 07, 2005

Sorry to disappoint
Fr. Tharp was at the outstanding Midwest Catholic Family Conference this past weekend and so he was away from blogging. Perhaps some of you had hoped would step up the blogging to cover the absence. Well, I haven't been able to get onto the blog for the past many days (since my last post). Every time I would try to open the blog, the blue screen would show but none of the posts. I kept thinking it was a blogger problem which would eventually get fixed, but it never got better. Then, just now, I opened up my internet options and clicked on delete temporary internet files. After much lag time while it deleted the many files, I have now opened the blog and logged onto blogger. I guess I should clean out those files more frequently; I am assuming those files played a role in preventing my computer from functioning properly.

Anyway, I am back now but, alas, I don't remember the things I had thought were blog-worthy over the past few days. Sorry to disappoint, but we'll have to wait until the next wild idea comes to the fore!

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