Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Third Star from the Left and Straight On Till

I was on retreat when the news of Doohan's death came out, so obviously, I missed it. While I was never much of a fan of the original series, I recognize how much Star Trek (and its sister series) positively influenced the man I was to become and am becoming. You have to love the show for no other reason than recognizing that it is a show that enshrines competence and intelligence as goods worth praising, especially when you consider how prominent the engineer characters are in each series. They all deserve the nomen "Miracle worker" after their names. It goes without saying that I could do with far less of the materialist horsehockey that also inhabits the series.

Of course, when we praise any good that might be present, we are ultimately praising the Good who is Christ. It's funny to think how Christ can make use of a popular T.V. series to prompt people to think about larger questions. But that is for another post...

Rest in peace, Mr. Doohan. You did a science nerd some good...

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