Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Cattle Call of Truth

Recently, I have been chatting with Fr. H about bringing more Latin back to the celebration of the Holy Mass at my parishes. The reasons why is fodder for another post. But sometimes we all need reminders about working toward the goal.

While on the phone, I was running down the parts of the Eucharistic prayer with him when I stopped and asked, "How does that sound?" He responded, "Yeah, you see, when you speak Latin, it's supposed to sound like this," and repeated the phrase back to me, with quite frankly flawless execution. He continued, "When you say it, it sounds like this, moooooooo." Not exactly helpful correction.

(To all readers: this post is humorous effort to get Fr. H to post again. The above conversation is complete fabrication. Apparently, after becoming a city pastor, he has determined that he has no time for the blog. Perhaps, if we all mention how much he is missed, he will find the time for his virtual parishioners as well.)

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