Wednesday, September 28, 2005

When Will the Evil One Stop?

I only know of one source who can turn charity and charitible impulses into a fodder for death and destruction. That person is Satan. At the heart of his name is the mission. He is our opponent in the spiritual life. While he doesn't have the power to read our minds or force our wills, without our collaboration that is, he is an angel, which means he's loads smarter than you or I. He knows how to play our greatest weakness like a fiddle of gold.

This is truly sickening and aggrevating. These women who have been throughly traumatized by the loss of everything now will have to content with the loss of their child. My experience with Rachel's Vineyard weekends suggests that this is going to be a truly horrifying time for these women and their children. Today, would every one offer either one Hail Mary or one Memorare for these women: that they will not abort their children. Let's also get some grace headed to this abortion provider as well. Perhaps he will come to see the vileness of what he is proposing to do. Let's include anyone who might be able to favorably influence this moment of turmoil. Thanks, folks.

To think, when I mention hurricane victims, I didn't think of this as part of the victimizing event.

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