Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I Didn't Ask To Be Born

I recall uttering those self-same words when I was a young man full of knowledge and vinegar. I was about 12 going on 35 and I was sure my argument would have some sort of force of law. As one would expect, my mother was unmoved; after all, no one had asked her if she wished to be born. Quite frankly, it was something of a conspiracy to be sure.

As the High Court convenes, it finds itself in the same straights but only at the other end of the spectrum. The current law on the books in Oregon permits one to end their lives only under a serious pre-defined circumstances but rest assured, that most doctors are probably working to expand them. You see, medical care is expensive and often times hard to come by. Like many other things, it is a resource and as such it can be quite exotic. The Point is just as no one asked to be born, no one can really ask to die. Certainly, one could ask not to be given a certain medical treatment if the only outcome were mere prologation of the dying process. However, that is a far cry from asking to die or perhaps put more to the point of the Oregon law, asking to be put down (as though your life were the equivalent of an unwanted housepet).

And so it continues. The War For Life continues. The Forces Against the Good of Life begin to move away from the so called right to Abort to the putative Right to Die. I suspect that the move is based on a seeming victory by these anti-life forces in the realms of abortion to newer and greener pastures. The Supreme Court begins to hear deliberations on the matter even as we speak. I pray that the common sense of my mother would prevail in these sorts of matters, that one must live the life they are given no matter how hard or sad it may seem. I can only expect that the sanity of the Saints won't be accomadated.

(N.B. While this does technically violate my oath [sworn like Herod] not to post while on vacation, I thought it too timely and important not to say something.)

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