Wednesday, October 26, 2005

A Restoration of Proper Order

This article introduces an interesting notion that I have been arguing for, for several years. While I would qualify more carefully the statements that Confirmation isn't about being a good soldier for Christ, because I think that Confirmation as a seal for the battle of faith is a valid way of considering the sacrament given especially the early history of the Church, I wholeheartedly encourage this move to restoring Confirmation to a closer place with Baptism. After all, this is the nature of Confirmation; its primary effect is to complete Baptismal graces. To hold off Confirmation, because we want people to make a "mature" decision about their Faith, severely undercuts the two Sacraments which assume that aspect, namely Holy Communion and Confession.

Tip o' the biretta to T.K. for sending this my way.

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