Friday, October 21, 2005

That heat ain't the kitchen!
In the past year, I have begun watching the Food Network. I like many of the shows, the little tidbits and kitchen hints you pick up, and, of course, the spectacular demonstrations of food preparation. With all of the sex and violence on television, it is refreshing to be able to turn on a station and not be offended.

Well, Food Network, and more precisely Michael Chiarello, the star of Easy Entertaining, blew it today. Parents: Be warned even Food Network could malform your children by feeding up not only delicious food, but also some occasional bad theology!

As Michael began his show today, featuring Mexican-inspired dishes, he introduced today's theme like this: "When I am reincarnated I hope I come back Mexican" because, he said, he just loves spicy, Mexican food. And as he wrapped up the introduction he declared that today's presentation would be "a feast fit for the Mayan gods." Had he said, "IF I am reincarnated...," you could almost take his words as some sort of corny joke. But rather he said, "when," which would seem to indicate that he expects to be reincarnated. His show was met by my quick press of the power button on my remote control. Sorry, Michael, but you blew it!

Normally, I leave posting which is hostile, exaggerated and overly-analytical up to Fr. Tharp -- you could say it is his contribution to the blog. However, today I am going to make an exception for Easy Entertaining with Michael Chiarello: I am afraid you may find that easy entertaining may not get you to the only banquet which truly matters. My friend, if salt goes flat, with what can it be seasoned?

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