Monday, October 31, 2005

Was that a fat joke?
A few weeks ago, after a cold front moved into town, I was standing in the sacristy a few minutes before one of the Masses. The servers were assembled as was the man who was the lector. A lady walked in through the sacristy and with no introduction said,

"Father, less food. It's colder now."

I responded, "Oh, right. I have already been putting less [food] in."

She then departed to take her seat in the church. I saw the lector sort of squinting as if he was trying to understand what had just transpired. I realized there was an explanation needed.

Here is the background that no one else in the sacristy completely knew. The lady who came in has a landscaping business and some time ago she put a garden pond in the rectory back yard, complete with large gold fish. After I arrived in Kingfisher, I began taking care of the fish, giving them food each evening. She had instructed me that in the colder months I should not put as much food in the pond because the fish won't eat as much as when it is warm outside. With that information, now go back and read the brief dialogue. What a difference a little information makes, huh? One might have thought she was making a fat joke about me. No, just the fish THIS time!

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