Friday, November 18, 2005

Book Recommendation: Living the Mysteries: A Guide for Unfinished Christians by Scott Hahn and Mike Aquilina

For the inaugural book recommendation, I thought I would recommend a book I have used for adult formation in my parish. This book has enriched (their words, not mine) their comprehension of both Church history and their own participation of the life of the Church. Here's what you get.

Synopsis: The book is arranged as a experience of the post-Easter instruction which was common in the early Church. Even after an extended time of formation, the novice Christians would spend the weeks after Easter further unpacking the theological mysteries they had been instructed in. The book contains the writings of 7 Church Fathers on seven specific subjects which are meant to "round out" one's knowledge and experience of the Faith. The writings are short selections so that one can both read a little and think a little and pray a little.

Purpose: Most Christians have never experienced this immediate sense of conversion, of change from one way of life to another. They grow up being Christian and therefore it is as exciting as air. They know no other way of being than this one, of being a Christian. What I have noted in the folks who have read this book with me in our classes is an awakening, as though something was incomplete, waiting to be tapped and activated. In some sense, they come to know that needfulness of conversion in order to live an authentic Christian life. Therefore, I heartily recommend this book to all our readers.

BONUS: Because I have been working with people reading this book, I have composed a series of discussion/reflection questions for each of the weeks. Don't expect these every time, but because we have them, I am passing the savings on to you. The questions will be posted on Apologize and Don't Be Sorry so that it will remain at the top of the page longer. Also, here is the link to Our Sunday Visitor so that you can purchase it easily.

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