Monday, November 07, 2005

Give Kingfisher a helping hand
Kingfisher, Oklahoma, where I reside in my new parish, is one of three Oklahoma towns nominated to receive a make-over of sorts. The organization offering this gift is American Dream Town. After the nomination phase, people who log on and register (by submitting an e-mail address) can vote up to once a day during the voting phase. Here is where you, faithful reader, come in.

Kingfisher has been lagging behind in the voting (currently in second place). I wonder if you could help us along by logging on and voting for Kingfisher. It is very simple to do. And, don't forget, you can vote once per day (which I really hope you will do).

Follow this link to American Dream Town. From this page, click on the State of Oklahoma (for those who are Midwest Plains-challenged, that is the state above Texas which looks like a square with a long, thin handle on the left side). After clicking on Oklahoma, a page with the three Oklahoma towns nominated should appear. To vote for Kingfisher, look to the right of the screen where there is a little box beside each town's name. Click on the word "vote" above that box (Note: Clicking on the box itself will take you to an obnoxious ad). You will have to register by giving your e-mail address, and making up a password. After that, you are asked to re-type a confirmation code which is given on your screen. It's as simple as that and it will register a vote one time per day.

Please help us out. Polls are open until December 1st. As of this post Kingfisher is about 1,000 votes behind another Oklahoma town. Different towns are nominated in each state. And, as far as I know, you don't have to reside in Oklahoma in order to vote for a town. So, bloggers and blog readers, make your presence and force known by rocketing Kingfisher to the top of Oklahoma's American Dream Town list!

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