Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Santa is dead!
Just a little fun reference to the now decades-old claim that God is dead. And, yes, I know the full original quote referring to God. Armed with that knowledge, I am aware that Santa's place in society and culture is safe indeed. Can't a guy wish, though?

I am so sick and tired of Santa (at least in Advent). I note each year when I first see Santa in a store. This year it was in September! We hadn't even had Halloween yet -- we weren't even in the month of Halloween -- and Santa was occupying a place in the store aisle, like some perverse stalker on whom you are just about to call the police. I am tired of Santa's egocentric control of Fall and, especially of Advent. Beginning the very day after Thanksgiving, my car radio routinely finds stations whose entire programming is "Christmas" music all day, every day. Without prejudice to St. Nicholas, I am not ready to let Christmas happen and I am especially reluctant to let its commercialization eat up my time. But it is everywhere. Though I am by no means a Scrooge, the prevailing culture almost foists that personage upon me by its wholesale dismissal of Advent.

I want to steep in the divine promises of the Messiah found in Scripture. I want to rest in the silent night, awaiting the Light to dawn. I want to feed my excitement and joy in the Church's Sacred Liturgy of this season. I want to prepare for Christ and I want that without Santa. I will sort of share Christmas with Santa, but the older I get and the more I think about the real reason for the season, all I want for Christmas is Advent!

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