Sunday, November 20, 2005

While I was away on Monday...

On Monday last, I attended the UCO Catholic Student Center fundraiser. Each year, the center sponsors a speaker of some note and then sells tickets. If you pony up enough cash, there's even dinner. So, ever since Fr. Hamilton managed to get George Weigel to come and speak, I have tried not to miss it. This year was an especially treat.

For this year's fundraiser, the director of the center, Mr. Carl Erikson (and yes, he is one of the good guys and is swiftly rising toward full Ragemonkey Minion status) brought in Mr. Patrick Madrid. For those who are out of the loop, Pat Madrid is a well-known and well-respected Catholic apologist who has worked in many venues over the last several years. In particular he deserves praise for two endeavors: public debates with Protestant ministers and the magazine Envoy. The debates alone are worth their weight in gold. I can't imagine how he does it. If roles were reversed and I were the one in the debate, my staff would have to have Silverback Strength Tranquilzer Darts on hand, just to keep me from screaming. Sadly, I think Envoy is defunct as a magazine, but you can still find the blog and the archives on-line. Just check our sidebar.

Needless to say, I had the privilege of sitting next to Mr. Madrid and sharing a delicious dinner with him. Unfortunately, I did make a slight faux pas when one of the others at the table asked me what I had been reading, specifically the last book I had read, and I think I gave a litany that was a little too, ah, showy and pompous for my own good.

Anyway, it also turns out that Mr. Madrid has visited this end of the internet jungle and is a sometime reader. The topic came up during dinner mainly beause Mr. Madrid recognized my name but couldn't place it and then to clarify something silly and flippant that I said (okay, make that two faux pas). And no, Fr. Hamilton, I did not intentionally bring up the blog; my intention was not to mention it at all. Events simply conspired against me.

If you are reading this, Pat, it was a real treat to meet you, not to mention all those books to burrow through.

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