Saturday, December 10, 2005

As of this moment, I am experiencing a geometric rise in my overall surreal rating.

On the surface, this is just another comedy troupe out to make the world a funnier place. On the surface, this is another pitch that has potential although you do wonder who will be airing this show. Then when a single thread of memory RNA unravels in the proper sequence, you suddenly realize how surreal things actually are.

The two masterminds behind this new show are high school chums of mine. David went to St. John's and sat next to me in Latin. I seem to remember long discussions of Monty Python and trying to decidely how runny the Stilton actually is. Oh, and there was the matter of how to say "Don't tease the lions" in Latin, but I digress. Mitch was in choir and show choir with me and clearly was waaaaaay more talented in that department than yours truly. Either way you slice it, I wish them both well.

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