Friday, December 02, 2005

Double Book Recommendation

As last week was dedicated to the recovery from tryptophan-induced comas, I didn't post a book recommendation ... that and since no one commented on my previous suggestion, I was tempted to not recommending anything and see who would say what. Leaving that aside, this Friday, you are getting two books. Call it a Advent Preparation Bonus.

Book #1: Surprised by Truth 2

Synopsis -- In this slim volume, we hear the story of many converts and reverts making the leap across the Tiber into the Fullness of the Christian Faith. Its general editor, Pat Madrid, has assembled a wide range of personal history and experiences which all led to the conversion of the particular person. Through all of these stories we see how God brings salvation to all through the various pathways of history and time.

Significance -- I think that this book is important to read because we see the reasonableness of professing the Faith. Each and every turn of personal history actually exists as a gentle nudge and prompting to assent to the presence of God in our midst. Therefore, when we feel / sense our zeal flagging, these kinds of stories help us to re-claim the good which we first apprehended in becoming Catholic.

Book #2: Wood of the Cradle, Wood of the Cross

Synopsis -- Caryll Houselander discusses the deeper meaning of the Incarnation in his brief and excellent book. The main thesis is that because of the Incarnation's nature as act of self-emptying love, Christ's cross, in a certain sense, begins in the cradle rather than merely on Good Friday. It really illuminates the whole nature of self-giving and the unity of Christ's mission from beginning to end.

Significance -- As my synopsis above suggests, this book is a ready antidote to the "rush to Christmas" notion we have in our culture currently. I think also it helps readers to make the link between the two sides of Advent: the cross bridges the wood of the Cradle (the first Advent) and the Coming in Glory (the second Advent).

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