Thursday, December 08, 2005

Holy ice block, Batman!
I had a graveside service today. The last couple of days have been bitterly cold in Kingfisher, as cold Canadian air has rushed into the plains, thrusting us into winter. As I got into my car to head over to the funeral home, I reached behind my passenger seat to grab my bottle of holy water. It was frozen solid! I'm glad I had checked before showing up at the cemetery because then it would have been too late to thaw the sacramental.

The funeral home director, a parishioner, got a kick out of the "click, click" sound the bottle made as I used it to sprinkle the coffin and grave site. Yes, a little remaining ice in the bottle gave some sound effects as we honored the dead and invoked faith in the Resurrection today. We are just lucky that I noticed the problem in time. Had I not, I guess I would have had to resort to "smearing" holy water at the time of blessing.

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