Monday, December 19, 2005

The Joy of the Season, My Foot

Oh, can't you tell this is going to be a cheery post? Well, stick around we might get there by the end.

Monday, the luxurious dayoff, is hardly a day of relaxation for yours truly. As I sit, I have a swirl of things on my mind, including a three-hour road trip to Guymon for a penance rite tonight (come on, blizzard!). So, I thought it might be fun and/or interesting to walk you through WHAT'S ON MY DESK!

Yes, the newest fad spreading across the nation, opining about the contents of my desk as I clean it off.

For the first activity we are going for gold in multitasking. While making notes on the blog and on an actual piece of paper, I will attempt to look up a phone number and link to a radio interview with Mark Shea. Wish me luck!

(voice of the announcer) Fr. Tharp is showing good form on the keyboard especially after picking up the laundry and brushing his teeth. And with no coffee!

(voice of color commentary) That's right. For a man who claims Columbian ancestry based on the amount of coffee solids in his body, this clerical athlete is showing his stuff...

(announcer) Okay, he's getting ready for the switch. I don't believe it; he's typing with his right hand, his off hand, to reach for the phone. Can nothing stop him?

(color commentary) And look at that mouse work. Able to test his internet speed while continuing to put notes up. Amazing. Looks like the story is about to play although he is going to lose a few points for having to reset his internet speed.

Okay, we got the radio interview and made the phone call, so I can check that off my list.

Now we move to the pile of crap on my desk. It is a smaller pile but I want it gone. Let's see what's in it. On the top of the pile, the prayer intentions for the MI, of which I am a member. (By the way, that's not crap, but I need to get that into my breviary.) Next, a financial statement: that goes into the financial info box. Oh, and now something to make me nuts. A parishioner contacted me, wanting to order a bible for his nephew. (No, that didn't make me crazy.) What's making me furious is they sent the bill to the parish. Now, I want to hope that this is merely an oversight, but my mood (unaided by coffee) won't let me. So with merriment, I am going to tuck this in an envelope and send it to the parishioner. Probably a phone call will be in order, a phone call to the distributor, that is. Okay, here is something else that isn't crap, the intercessions for life and bulletin bits for January and February. Thanks to the Worship Office for that little gem. Need to type those up and then off my desk.

What's next in the pile...I think you have lost interest by now. But it looks to me that I won't be going anywhere today. Take it easy.

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