Thursday, December 29, 2005

More Fun from the Blogosphere!

I have several blogs that I check out mainly because they surprise me with interesting notions, tidbits, and photos from time to time. In short, they make me think -- when they post anything (Yes, Dave and Karl, I am loooking at you). One of my faves and regular checks is Mansfield Fox, run by the very clever (like a fox, get it! Hah!) Angus Dywer. Now, for Oklahomans, I know the word "angus" brings heady images of cuts of beef to mind, and that is fitting as there are beefy slices of law-related and other wacky stuff abroad on the site. Oh, and fantastically Catholic to boot.

At any rate, I had to put up this picture from Angus' place because it is too perfect.

Remember, if you need a friend, Larry the Cucumber is always willing to step in.

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