Sunday, January 29, 2006

2006 Catholic Blog Awards
It is that time of year again: to nominate your favorite frothing, simian clerics for various awards because of the news, thoughts, self-reflection, and banter you enjoy here at Catholic Ragemonkey! This one almost slipped under the radar screen as I was just about to turn off my computer (after having done some Sunday evening office work -- a priest's work is never done) and go to the rectory to retire for the evening. But just then I remembered: Hey, when are those Catholic Blog Awards? So, I checked it out and lo and behold, nominations open tomorrow, January 30 and continue through February 3, 2006.

So, nominate away and then don't forget to return to vote during the voting week! The link to the Catholic Blog Awards is above in the title of the post. I am assuming that the link will open to a nomination page once tomorrow begins. If not, you may have to hunt around a bit to make nominations.

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