Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Another Generation of American Heroes Passes Away

I am awed by the generation that fought the Second World War. My father is one of those as a Navy serviceman aboard the U.S.S. Ticonderoga in the Pacific Theater. For a brief moment, the nation came together because of a common goal in staving off a common threat.

I am further awed by the generation that fought for civil rights in the U.S., especially for African Americans. The priest I was assigned with in my first assigment marched on Selma. While on retreat, Fr. Benedict mentioned his involvement in the civil rights movement. Thus, you never know when or where you will run afoul of commonplace, unsung, unmentioned hero. To Mrs. King, I say, resquiacat in pace.

I would use this opportunity as well to remind all readers about a fight that continues in our own time. Abortion reads in many ways like slavery, prinicipally in the notion that some people are more human than others. Even if R.v.W. were overturned tomorrow, the work would only be beginning. There would be the wounded who need healing to be attended to. There would be the culture which would have to be led to respecting life and to seeing babies as an intimate, indespensible part of conjugal actions.

My father served proudly and somewhat anonymously for freedom. The Kings served and gave their lives for the freedom of the country man. Perhaps, you and I, anonymous heroes in training, might do the same.

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