Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A Change of Plans

As most readers know, I have been conducting a School of Community along the lines of CL for the benefit of my college students here in Alva and its environs. For the most part, the program has been successful even if attendance has been uneven. At any rate, one of the key elements of CL's School of Community is the interaction during discussions of one of Msgr. Giussani's books. However, after what I have seen in the news today, I think I am going to shelve that for the next four weeks.

You see, Giussani will be with us always; the buzz (and some degree of misunderstanding) surrounding the Holy Father's encyclical will not. So, while the iron is hot, I am striking. For the next month, my college group will be reading and discussing (and hopefully, applying) the contents of Benedict's masterful encyclical. I, for one, am encouraged, enlightened and excited at the theological prowess expressed in this document. I hope the college students will be as well.

Remember us in your prayers, therefore. We start tonight. And yes, I already read, and going re-read the introduction, and then post something, assuming Blogger obeys.

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