Thursday, January 26, 2006

I know I should be doing something more productive...

So, I am sitting here, thinking about a previous conversation I had with Fr. H concerning RCIA, at least in its catechetical dimension. To the point, I am not satisfied with my own presentations this year and again am thinking of revamping the shape of next year's classes. Of course, every year is a little different given the flexible and moveable nature of Easter. But this summer, if I can keep myself and Fr. H on point, I think we are going to have a meeting of the minds and try to model each other's RCIA presentations off of each other. This would mean composing and researching the same points together, perhaps resulting in a general set of outlines and citations that we could use in whatever way we want. Also, to that end, we would work on Powerpoint presentations to use in the RCIA classes.

Now, up front, and I am sure Fr. H would admit this publicly, that he is something of a techphobe. All this new fangled stuff is needed, but quite frankly gives him hives. This means that I would be holding his hand through the whole process and essentially (probably) having to make all the slides for all the presentations. Note, I am not complaining (for once). I recognize my cool, Borg-like exterior allows me to interface with technology more expertly and confidently. However, this leads to a quandry.

If I buy a new laptop, and yes, I would need a new one given the age of its predecessor, what presentation software should I use? I am more comfortable with WP/Corel products but the Microsoft industry (speaking of the Borg) is more ubiquitious. That's an added bonus in that, should we decide to publish both book, with outlines and slideshows, most folks would prefer MS. But that is way down the line. The immediate question is which one to choose? Do you folks have any sort of ideas?

As a side note, Fr. H would probably have to load the software on his new laptop so that would have to be factored in. I wonder if Dell would give a discount for multiple purchases...

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