Monday, February 20, 2006

Email Clearance Update Post: #91850285734A

If you search through your collective brain stems you may recall a book search that I initiated on behalf of one of the Western Province Dominicans. He was looking for a book on the life of St. Maximilian Kolbe but couldn't remember many details. I took what I had but didn't get anywhere really.

Well, said brother, just emailed me and said that he had found the book. The email is a couple of weeks old but I wanted to pass along the reference for those building a library.

The book is called The Death Camp Proved Him Real and it had been given to this brother by an older priest. Just looking at the cover doesn't tell me a reading level but I would bet it was late high school. Our Dominican friend found this on Ebay, so it sounds like it is out of print and difficult to find. If you are interested, all I can say is "Happy Searching."

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