Friday, February 17, 2006

Third Time's The Charm

Well, it's happened again. You have frittered away another perfectly good hour listening to Car Talk...

On Saturday mornings in Philadelphia, I would plan my personal business around catching Car Talk on National Proletariat Radio. (The NPR jab is a bon mot to friends back on the East Coast who used to give me a hard time about listening to the aforementioned news outlet. But that's another story for another time.) At the end of the hour, Tom and Ray would give us the rundown of staff at the show (personal favorite: Statician Marge N. O'Verra. Say it out loud if you don't understand.) Of course, as a faithful listener, I hadn't wasted my hour; I had spent the time being entertained and informed.

As the third year of Catholic Ragemonkey dawns, I would hope you feel the same. Sure, I suffer from writer's block and leave you without comments for a week or more. Sure, I don't answer emails with the greatest swiftness. But in the end, I just want you to walk away from your computer thinking. The goal here at CRM is the same as it ever was (hit your forearm while you say that), to connect the culture, the Catholic Faith, my life, and your life. This little outpost on the information superhighway is meant as a respite from the funky crud that lurks in our rest stops, if you catch my drift.

As I sit here, waiting for dinner to arrive, I wonder what the next year's comments and stories will be about. I know that I am preparing a post on getting priorities straight for Lent. I have to: it's going in the bulletin next week. And like the Car Talk guys, I hope you don't feel as though the time spent here is a waste, although the Blog Awards Voting suggests otherwise. Be that as it may I didn't get into blogging for the awards. I thought I had something worthwhile to share, and for the time being, I will be here to share it. So come back next year and see what there is to see. Hopefully, some of it will be free of typos...but don't hold your breath.

Lastly, I would like to thank my co-blogger, Fr. Steven Hamilton. Fr. H is not only my fellow writer; he is a faithful friend who on many occasions has helped me not lose my mind as I navigate the turns and pivots of my life as a priest. Also, the newlywed won't see this until he gets back, but Techmonkey Dave gets a tip of the biretta for all the silly requests from my office to post pictures and the like. By the way, if you hate this blog and everything it stands for, don't send me the emails. It's all his fault. He convinced me to start it. Techmonkey Buddy Steph gets a nod as well for being the original Ragemonkey Groupie, but without the go-go boots. Finally, thanks to all you wonderful people out there, sitting in front of monitors making sense out of the scribbles that electronically come to you via the internet. This blog wouldn't be what it is without you people.

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