Monday, March 06, 2006

An Article in the Works

I had a funny thought for an article which might be interesting for This Rock to pick up. Now, I know that Jimmy Akin et al. read Ragemonkey for all their best info but don't poach me on this one.

Amongst Protestants and Catholics, there are many words which hang up dialogue, one of which is "worship." This word, "worship," is particularly hairy when it comes to the role of the Saints. I think I might put together a brief study, relying heavily upon the OED, on what the worship has and does mean. Granted, a study of the various usages in Greek and Latin would be illuminating, it doesn't really matter since the average Christian on the street is reading in translation. Are there times when the word "worship" has appropriately been applied to the Saints?

Just a funny thought.

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