Thursday, March 16, 2006

Becoming a Borg-Like Entity

I have finally purchased an MP3 player and have already gotten some of the kinks worked out. I have one question, maybe two.

1.) If I don't have a RSS device, can I use Windows Media Player to make that happen?

2.) If you are using Feedburner, how do you make it upload to MP3 Device?

I am currently listening to Mark Shea and it is so good. He is soooo snotty. I love it! Quite frankly, though, this headache of getting the parts to cooperate with one another has made me as furious as a wolverine strung out on crystal meth. However, if you all know a ferret, who might know a weasel, who knows a mink, who knows an entertainment lawyer, who could explain how to make this thing work, I would appreciate the feedback.

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