Thursday, March 09, 2006

Honk if you ... want beer?!
Okay, I just got back from driving over to the mission parish where I have a daily Mass on Thursdays. I was behind a Budweiser beer truck for a while and I read on the back of the truck a message that left me scratching my head for a few moments. The back of the truck had several messages like "Responsibility Matters" and "This truck makes wide right turns". But then there was this message: "Sound horn and I'll pull over."

I thought "What!". Are beer trucks now authorized to sell beer directly to customers? What sort of person is so desperate for beer that they honk to get the truck to pull over? What is going on here? I read the message over a couple of times in the confusion. In the end, I suppose (and I hope!) what the message means is that if the truck is moving a bit slowly and preventing you from passing or driving at an appropriate speed, honk and the driver will move over a bit to get out of your way.

Any thoughts?

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