Saturday, March 11, 2006

Political Endorsement
I usually try to stay out of the fray of blatant, political plugs. However this instance is different. Now, just bear with me. Don't get your Elephant noses and Donkey tails out of joint. I have just learned that a parishioner of mine from my last parish (St. Peter, Guymon, Oklahoma) is returning to his native Philippines to -- get this! -- run for President of the Philippines!!! The election is not until 2007, so he and his wife and four daughters have to return to the Philippines in order to meet residency requirements. He will move back in June and will set up some campaign initiatives and even a web site (which I am sure we will link on CRM). I think this is exciting even if his bid is a long shot. He is a successful physician, at the top of his career, but he is fed up with the corruption so frequently evident in Filipino politics. He tells me his many years of Jesuit education taught him to be a man for others. He said it is time for him to step up to the plate to try to give back to his country. His own blog, detailing his plans and thoughts on returning home to the Philippines, can be found here. You have heard it here first, folks: CRM has the early endorsement for the 2007 bid of Dr. Martin Bautista for Filipino President!

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