Tuesday, March 14, 2006

"Seems an awful waste / with the price of meat / what is it / when you get it / if you get it ...

Yep, more Sweeney Todd as the case unfolds. I would love someone to dig out their copy of "DVC" and see how many times Brown footnotes the work in dispute. I also love how he engages in a non-denial denial by saying that the book's structure was in place before he discovered that Mary Magdalene was not a prostitute. "He said he did not read their book until the structure of his theological thriller was in place."

It's time for a cooking metaphor, folks. You can bake the eclair without filling it with pastry creme. Brown can claim that he did nothing with the content until he had the structure in place, but that doesn't change the assertion that when the content went into to place it was stolen from these other authors.

Yep, clearly the Devil is behind this work because even his agents are feasting on one another's entrails giving me lots of opportunities to debunk it over and over again.

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