Thursday, March 23, 2006

This sounds about right to me

First, a biretta tip to Tom and his family who henceforth shall be known as the enforcer-monkey and his troop. I had dinner at the strategic outpost and tactical planning center which was enjoyed by all. However, that meal got out of control as Fr. H, beta RM, showed up and then Fr. J. Irwin, Minion-in-Training, also came by. The enforcer-monkey and his troop are a blessing to every priest who knows them. He is the one who browbeat me into posting this link.

I don't find this method all that odd. It would fit the character of the "post-synodal exhortation" to address the concrete practicalities of the liturgy rather than an encyclical which would focus more on the nature of the liturgy itself. Either way, I am pleased to see this come. It adds heft to the argument about how the liturgy should be celebrated according to the mind of the Church. And before someone says it, no, Pope Benedict cannot be dismissed as not knowing what the Council intended as he was a PARTICIPANT in it and you were not. Everyone happy now?

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