Thursday, March 23, 2006

Well, I guess this guy seeks to put the "sin" in syncretism"

I love it when the email filter misses something and lands a lovely website into my hands. Once again, tolerance rears up as the obliterator of truth or at least, one form of tolerance. Certainly, tolerance in the form of loving respect for another human being should be encouraged, but let's just call it "charitable respect" and be done with it. Tolerance unfortunately now is used as a code word for "all hail relativism."

Take for instance the website author's comment that he "embrace[s] the principle of Divine Love for all human beings irrespective of religion, creed or color." Sounds good, right? Love is not a principle; it is not an abstract ideal to be pursued. Love exists in the gift of one person to another who make reciprocate that love. Therefore, it would follow that in this statement, the author conceives of God as a principle or perhaps as non-personal. This of course will not jibe with orthodox Christianity and Judaism or even Islam for that matter.

Being dogmatic is not a sin, people. It means having a core set of beliefs at heart. And if this webmaster is so concerned about "imposing beliefs", then why is his book targeting Christians? If I didn't know better, I would think that he was suggesting that Christians need his special understanding of how to take the "shortcut to Heaven." But he couldn't be doing that; that would be intolerant.

And that's another thing. The only way you can assume that God has no religion is to dogmatically assume that all religions are the constructs of men. For Jews and Christians, we don't believe that. To suggest that there is a definitive religion which comes from God doesn't contradict the idea that God loves everyone. If anything, a universal religion which corrects the errors of all previous works of men would actually be a big boon to most folks. Ask the kids of central America how they felt about Christianity when it appeared and said, "You don't have to offered up on a stone altar to a flying serpent to appease God." I would bet they would be a mite grateful.

So, once again, the groovy Gnostics are back. I will take my religion of Christ who dies for all, offers salvation to all, and reveals Himself to all equally. That seems more tolerant, if you ask me.

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