Thursday, April 13, 2006

For some, it qualifies as a near miss...

I haven't seen it, although I haven't looked for it either, but I don't think the universal indult to celebrate the Tridentine Mass came through. Let's see, if Rome is about 7 hours ahead, then even if the Holy Father promulgated the indult at the Mass of the Lord's Supper, which is what it takes for it to become law, then we should have heard something by now. Am I in the dark? Did I miss the announcement?

Also, in other near miss news, the MSM has completely missed one of the most interesting news stories concerning Catholic publishing. The first printing of the Compendium sold out. That's right, all 50,000 copies have flown out the door. Now, why would that be? Certainly, I didn't buy more than the requisite one for my use (when RCIA starts up, that will change, however), so where did they go? Could it be that we are finally on course for -gasp- a revival of authentic catechesis and formation? This of course bodes sooooo well for my book as it allows pastors to have a ready made resource when their parishioners say, "Hey, we want more and we want it NOW!" (By the way, a little tip of the biretta to Greg Willits at Rosary Army; apparently, Quest for the Compendium resulted in a new podcast featuring Captain Catechism. Surf over there and hear what I am talking about.)

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