Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Not an Ape-Cot, just exhaustion

I have received a passle of emails (okay, three) asking about what I thought about the A&E show, God or the Girl. One reader even asked if I were boycotting the show because I hated it so much. Now, faithful reader, when I get upset, when have you ever known me to be silent?

First, I haven't seen it, I don't know if I am going to see it. Quite frankly, this Lent's penance of No TV has opened my eyes to how completely addicted I am to television. It is becoming clear to me that I might have to stop watching TV not just because it is junk but also because I love that junk and can't stop once I start.

Second, without seeing it, I must confess that I am leery and expecting bad things. I guess I am a little gun shy when it comes to the MSM's take on any thing religious (can you say "Gospel of Judas"). Even the way the question, God or the Girl, is phrased makes me hesitate. It sounds as though either you become a priest and go for God or go for the Girl and lose God. The title alone makes me skeptical that anybody on the air understands that Priesthood and Marriage are VOCATIONS to which GOD CALLS YOU! (There. See, that was anger.) It is a false dichtomy to suggest that somehow choosing one or the other option excludes them. Come on, married folk out there. Isn't that how your marriage is sustained, by completely forgetting God and focusing on your partner?

Third, I hate reality television. I know I am being snotty but I always feel used and manipulated by reality tv. If it showed the struggles in the seminary I might have been more on board but as is I will probably pass.

However, Fr. H has seen it and I insist that you flood the combox asking, nay, demanding, his thoughts when he gets back from vacation. Ooooh, and pictures, we all want pictures posted.

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