Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Not that I am one to gloat or anything...

When I heard about the line up for the movie version of DVC, I inwardly (okay and outwardly) groaned because I thought to myself, "Regardless of how badly the book is written, this group should be able to straighten it up into something more appealing." Well, apparently there isn't enough makeup to put on this particular pig so that you can take it to the dance. The word from Cannes is "Yaaaaaawwwwwnnnnn!"

For instance from Yahoo News we have this story. Reuters report doesn't sound much better. I especially liked what Daily Variety, the entertainment industry gold standard, had to say: "Sitting through all the verbose explanations and speculations about symbols, codes, secret cults, religious history and covert messages in art, it is impossible to believe that, had the novel never existed, such a script would ever have been considered by a Hollywood studio. It's esoteric, heady stuff, made compelling only by the fact that what it's proposing undermines the fundamental tenants of Christianity, especially Roman Catholicism, and, by extension, Western Civilization for the past 2,000 years." The second sentence is particularly telling. The only reason to see this movie, it sounds like, is to run down the Catholic Church.

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