Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Ragemonkeys: NOT your next Food Network Star!
Last night after I finished teaching RCIA I came home and decided I would use some bell peppers in a recipe, before they turned rotten. I roasted the bell peppers and then proceeded to chop up some garlic to add to olive oil as a sauce for the roasted and sliced peppers. Well, maybe I was too tired or too careless or some combination of both, because I chopped my thumb instead. I basically cut off the very tip of my thumb. It will grow back, but it will take some time. And it was a gusher. I ended up going to the emergency room for some medical assistance. Lydocaine was injected into the wound (not fun -- the rumor I had always heard that before getting stitches they stick a needle into the very source of the problem, is apparently true) and then a hospital grade superglue was put on the wound instead of a stitch. To top it off, and much to my surprise, I had to get a tetanus shot. So, folks, at least one of your ragemonkeys has been recently vaccinated!

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