Wednesday, May 10, 2006

RCIA Summit: Summer 2006
Even if you have not been a CRM follower for very long, you know a few things about this blog and about the bloggers. For instance, you know:
(1) The blog is thoroughly Catholic and it is not motivated by anger toward the Church, despite the name, which sometimes pulls into readership those with anti-Catholic agendas or those with axes to grind;
(2) The bloggers are Catholic priests in Oklahoma;
(3) The blog maintains as a fundamental tenet its voracious desire to take over the Internet; and,
(4) Fr. Tharp has a more voracious desire still to take over catechetical formation on just about every level, especially reminding readers that his adult formation series, The Borromeo Project, seems to be well on its way to being published (hopefully by next year).

Ooops, did I just let that out of the bag!?

Anyway, Fr. Tharp and I have decided that this summer we are going to brainstorm in what we are calling an RCIA Summit. We are going to try to come up with a plan of how to best and systematically approach RCIA, which texts to use, the number of class sessions and the topics upon which to focus. Hopefully we can then each implement a re-vamped RCIA program in our parishes with already developed curricula and session topics. And, no, nobody teaches RCIA for us in our rural parishes; it is generally left up to the Pastor. We each have found that given the pace of life and the demands on our time, we are rushing into RCIA and scrambling to have some sort of a lesson plan for each session. Hopefully, a better developed plan, complete with PowerPoint presentations, will help us keep on topic and cover the necessary material in a limited time. We shall see!

If you see a large mushroom cloud blossoming somewhere over west/central Oklahoma this summer, don't worry, it is just the CRM bloggers' RCIA take over being set in motion!

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